Sunday, 29 June 2008

Immortal Technique on Al Jazeera network

Most excitement in Somerset since the Battle of Sedgemoor

Go here to watch the entire show. 

Appears Shawn at Glastonbury went down better than Curtis at Reading. 

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Nas feat. Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken

Great record

Nice beat Ronson!

Who wrote that verse for Busta?

download/listen here

Friday, 27 June 2008

Jim Jones quest for a flip cam ...

A bit late on this but as it features our favourite hip-hop personality how could I let it go.

Gangsters eat sorbet! Who knew? Whilst enjoying this icey treat Jim spots something he likes, namely Pete's flip cam. Money is exchanged, promises are made. 

A few weeks later, still no camera for Jones. (Persevere, the always entertaining dips appear about 2 mins in)

A few weeks later still no flip cam for Jim Jones, Jim calls up Ciph at Shade 45 and enquires about this. Something along the lines of "Pete got my f*****g camera yet, he has, good coz I was about to beat the s**t out of him" He then goes onto advise he's giving him a pass as Pete is now officially Jimmy's white n***a. Thats a quote. You can catch the whole story plus Ciph's breakdown of what would happen on tour with Jim Jones by checking out their weekly podcast:
Download/Listen to Juan Epstein (Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg) - here


We start off this week with a (lupe) Fiasco FRIDAY Courtesy of DJ Johnny Vega over at Digital Undaground


A-Trak ft. Lupe Fiasco - Me & My Sneakers

Lupe Fiasco - Mass Appeal (Freestyle)

Lupe Fiasco - U, Me, Him, Her

Lupe Fiasco - Where Do I Go

Lupe Fiasco - The Corner

Lupe Fiasco - Absolute Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco - D.I.D.D.Y.

Other Hot on Not Songs This Week

The Game ft. Keyshia Cole - Game's Pain

T.I. ft. R. Kelly - Life Of The Party

Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J - Teenage Love Affair (Remix)

Joe Budden ft. Heartbreak- No More

T-Pain - Can’t Believe It f. Lil Wayne

Kanye West-Gotta Pose

For those with some good taste

Let's face it though, its not all about the new music, is it?
We have to celebrate the good shit. It was only, what? Ten or twelve years ago? When good urban music was so abundant you would actually struggle to fit all the good current albums into your schedule so you could listen to em all properly.
With this guy though it wasnt like that if you knew bout good music you knew bout D'Angelo. If you missed it, you were either slipping on the music or pure retarded and too busy listening to the Diddy album of the 90's, which was shit.
Anyway possibly one of the best RnB artists of the 90s download this right here if you dig it and if you don't know bout d'Angelo, then shit, you need a wake up call and a trip to your local music shop.

The Best So Far (CD+DVD)(click image to download)


Back to 1995 with the new york all stars on this one Doo Woop brings you this two part cd of classic freestyles and appearances from all the hot artists in New York at that time on this one of the best years for the hip hop game.

Shouts to JV at

Click image to donwload part 1

click image to download part 2

If you are a G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G UNIT FAN THEN U MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS CAREFULLY THEN RETHINK YOUR MUSICAL TASTE. There again sometimes a bit of g-unit goes down well.(CLICK IMAGE)

When Worlds Collide

Hood legends Robbie Fowler and Baron Davis meet at last! Along with Juan Pablo Angel, Thierry Henry, Saloman Kalou, Steve McManaman, Jason Kidd, Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa they showed support and came out for their boy Steve Nash' charity football (soccer!) match in New York this week. Speaking from someone who enjoyed killing every other school in basketball after suffering endless defeats on the football pitch it's obvious that the skills are equally non-transferable in the pro's. Although Baron Davis did manage a header with his LA Dodgers fitted on, LOL. 

Go to SlamOnline for a full review of the match. When are they gonna return the favor and take Robbie and Macca to the courts?

Thursday, 26 June 2008

New Era does it again

Since the creation of the 59fifty New Era been laughing all the way to the bank. 



Check out the full range here

Throwback Thursday

Mobb Deep - Right Back at You (Sunset Park OST)

Whilst on the Queens theme, check out hiphopgiant for some 90's NY hip-hop 12''s available for download

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


My favorite mc under the most slept on/under-rated... category. Broken lines, non-concise lyrics matched with sick cadence, the boy was fire. Kanye agrees, if you consider that as a good thing. See below for links to his 2 unreleased albums, unfortunately on a par with Nas when it comes to consistently picking decent beats. The mic skills make up for this however. 

Nature - For All Seasons 
download (here)

Nature - Wild Gremlinz
download (here)

Skyzoo feat. Emilio Rojas - Start it all Over

One of the better tracks off The 5 Borough Tour mixtape

download (here)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Shaq freestyle? Kobe diss

No words for this, just watch.

Best of Andre 3000

So I'm watchin' her fine ass
Walk into my bedroom, and thought to myself
That's the shape of things to come
She said, "Why you in the club, and you don't make it precipitate?
You know, make it rain when you can make it thunderstorm"
I'm like, "Why? "
The world needs sun
The hood needs funds
There's a war going on and half the battle is guns
How dare I throw it on the floor
When people are poor
So I write like Edgar Allen to restore, got a cord?
Umbilical attached to a place they can't afford
No landscaping, Or window draping
This old lady told me,
"If I ain't got nothin' good, say nathing"

Click below for 34 tracks of guest spots from the past couple years plus some classic Outkast verses.

Andre 3000 - Three Stacks download (here)


Whilst still eagerly waiting the 'Out here grindin' video I thought we better post the new Shawty Lo video being that there is a Dj Khaled intro. Possibly one of the worst songs I've heard for a while, Baby on the autotune (!?) and nonsense from tha Boss. Wait till the end though otherwise you'll miss the Jimmy Jones verse.

Cocaine Cowboys 2

Release date 29th July

The sequel focuses on the street connections, assassination plots, plus more stories from that nutjob Rivi!

If you haven't seen the first part, it's definitely worth a watch. Heres a 'taster'.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Outkast - Southern Royalty (u need this in your life!)

Download immediately, if just for this forgotten gem. More tracks like this could've made the Dungeon Family album the classic it never was.

Hevehitta - Outkast Southern Royalty
01 what about your friends (rmx) f. tlc
02 watch out for the hook f. cool breeze, witchdoctor & goodie mob
03 neck uv da woods f. mystikal
04 ham sammiches and coupe devilles f. big gipp & e-40
05 da art of storytelling pt. 4 f. marsha ambrosius
06 black ice f. goodie mob
07 trans df express f. cee-lo, big gipp & backbone
08 gone be mine f. monica
09 da art of storytelling pt. 2
10 benz or beemer
11 thought process f. goodie mob
12 gangsta shit (rmx) f. slimm calhoun, c-bone & t-mo
13 smokefest f. tash, phil da agony & b-real
14 phobia
15 two dope boyz in a cadillac
16 millenium
17 atliens
18 throw your hands up f. 8ball & mjg
19 jazzy belle remix f. babyface
20 streets talking f. slick rick

download (here), props to

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Rocafella's newest signing

Obviously not, nice glasses by the way.

Heres a link for one off show of the record breaking Ricky Gervais podcast with old mates Karl Pilkington and Steve Merchant. Hilarious as usual. 

Download (here)

Friday, 20 June 2008

Delusional Unit

The recent viral mess from Curtis and his friends has been nothing short of embarrassing. Lets have a look at some recent low lights. 

I guess money really doesn't buy happiness. The word pathetic springs to mind.

Question: If you're a weed carrier for a guy that doesn't smoke weed what do you actually do?
Answer: (blank)
Appreciate the luck of your association, if your the self proclaimed 'talk of new york' why not follow the new york code of mind your business. 

TONY YAYO: Joe to me is a fat piece of shit. To me - like niggas be talking about fighting and all this shit - he can’t beat 50. You run up on me and Banks the wrong way we’re gonna rub him the wrong way, you understand what I’m saying? So it is what it is, ain’t no little niggas shit over here. He be talking like niggas is little niggas and all this shit. Banks sold more records than you, I sold way more than you, we got more money than you and that’s where the jealousy comes from. You see him on the Soundscan and he did 5000 copies. And then he’s saying shit like “niggas runnin’ wit police”. NIGGA, I’m runnin FROM police, nigga!!! I’ve never seen 50 with a cop and he’s saying niggas runnin’ with police and niggas ain’t in the club. I was in the club looking for Joe this week, what’s up?!! 30 deep, what’s up?!! Where you at? Joe know what time it is nigga. He got his whole hood [against him]; he don’t even got control of his own hood, your own homies going against you ‘cause you can’t even put niggas on.

Finally heres a quote from Lloyd Banks, again I think I'll refer you to the title of this post. : Lyrically where were you on your 1st album and where are you now? Top 5, 3, best out? 

Lloyd Banks : I guess I would judge that on my time period. I haven't been in the game for long but ill say I'm the best under 30. 

Soulja Boy vs Ice T the beef begins

Now I'm not an Ice T or Soulja Boy fan, I respect their hustle but their music is another thing. I saw this video posted and I had heard 'bout the comments made, but I paid it no attention 'till I was told that actually Soulja boy had some good points and in the end made Ice T to look a bit of a prick so enjoy this youth telling Ice how it is. He starts a bit playschool with some good shots aimed at Ice T's age as well as the fact he made a record called fuck the police and then 35 years later went on to play a police officer on the telly(this guy was born in 58 dammmmmmmmmn). Anyway after the 4 minute mark he gets serious and to be honest hats off to him he's right.

Friday Freeness

Its friday and its free, below are the links for ths weeks hottest new tunes.

Weezy sells a million copies in the first week and records a free remix to thank his fans
A millie (freemix)

Nas hooks up with Dj kahled, Who? We the best! and brings us
I'm On

Styles P brings us new stuff with
Going Thru
Bitch Nigga Run

Mixtape madness

For those of you who like your hip-hop with a lil less bitches and bling and a lil more reality and political awareness, immortal techinque will be vocally cutting his wrists and calling for some economical reforms on this 3rd solo album/mixtape called
The 3rd World

New hot shit from the Alchemist. Hes been away for a hot minute but we all know this guy can make serious beat, catch the latest installement of his mixtape series "the cutting room floor."
The Cutting Room Floor 2


I know a lil late with these, i had them for at least a week but i just didnt have time to put them up.

First we have the Nas "Nigger" album saga. He wanted to bring the album titled Nigger out for some shock value as well as maybe a lil marketing ploy but people for whatever reasons were not having it (both good and bad resons), so Nas decided the mixtape was the only way to bring the knowledge to the masses with the title and message that he wanted. He teamed up with Green Lantern an bought us this the
Nigger Tape

Next the boys from D block have got together again to give us another mixtape. Styles P, Jadakiss and sheek louch bring us some fire on the supa mario mixtape
So You Wanna Be A Supa Hero?

Now for those of you who dont know Joell Ortiz let me say just this. What the fuck are you doing???????????????
Joell is pure latin fire straight outta BK, first signed to Aftermath imprint then later dropped.He has now put that shit behind him and come back to hit the streets hard with hard features such as the Last night song with Mavado. If you aint heard him this is the time to kop this mixtape and get to know.
The Brooklyn Bomber

If you're older than say 25 you probably got the CNN "War Report" album sitting pretty on top of your all time collection. I know for a fact that Cappone and Noreaga fans have been waiting for some new shit for some time now.
Dj Whoo Kid has now put together a new street album from the war veterans of hp hop.
CNN Back On That QU Shit

Ok also LL cool J has a new mixtape but i aint posting that shit if you want it go find it. Nothing against LL i just cant hear him chatting shit bout chicks and licking his lips.

This should keep you going till at least next week, when i will be back with another installement of Friday freeness.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Classic Westwood

I'm guessing the whole interview is quality viewing but the intro is so hilarious I haven't got passed it yet. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday

Smif N Wessun feat. Tony Touch & Hurricane G - Spanish Harlem

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

131-92, Celtics are the Deserved Champions

(the big 3 have all waited 10+ years for this moment, they deserved it)

If there was a points system for hustle play, desire and hunger to win a title, the above scoreline would go someway the highlight the disparity among the two teams. Lakers got embarrassed last night as the Celtics continued to shut them down on the defensive end and dominated every statistical category imaginable.

Rebounds (Offensive-Total)2-2914-48
Fast Break Points216

Usually I wouldn't concentrate on stats but this goes someway to telling the tale of game 6 and the series in general. Looking at the key contributors Doc Rivers continued to trust Rondo who came up with 7 steals despite patchy shooting. Again the bench played a key role with Posey and House working hard and nailing big shots. Ray Allen rolled back the years, shooting like Jesus Shuttlesworth once again. Pierce has been the man all series, earning himself a mention among the very elite of the league. After a dodgy game 5, KG would not be denied this time and made sure his efforts would count towards a title after 10 years of obscurity in Minnesota. Good for him (thats not sarcasm by the way).

As for the Lakers, after coming into Finals many people favourites including mine, they actually turned out to be one of the worst finalists in recent memory. But hey, thanks for beating the Spurs in the process!

Honorable mentions also go to Doc Rivers, who outcoached the zen master every step of the way and also to the ESPN commentary team who definitely added to proceedings. Action Jackson's verbal checks to Van Gundy's calculated looniness made the Finals all the more entertaining, 'Can i get a amen?'

Thats it then! One of the best regular seasons in the last 10 years finishes with a Champion the league can be proud of and a man in Paul Pierce who has accelerated himself into the games elite and legendary status at the Celtics, doing what great players are supposed to do, coming up big when it counts. Okay Kobe. 

finals mvp>regular season mvp

Monday, 16 June 2008

Better to be Lucky than to be Good

Another poor performance from Kobe (8-21 shooting) ensuring that ridiculous comparisons to you know who will never resurface again. Benefiting from a superstar no-call at the end of the game and poor free throw shooting from Garnett, the Lakers surprisingly held on to win after looking second best for 3 quarters. Interestingly enough the only player competing like his life depended on it was James Posey, who already has a championship. Facing elimination there was a severe lack of energy among the Lakers and the Hollywood crowd who only seem interested when the camera is on them or Kobe scores. Boston will take what they deserve on Tuesday. 

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Soundtrack for the Summer

Music to make you wanna sell coke and feel good about doing it. 

Young Jeezy & Dj Infamous - The Prime Minister 

Download (here)

Friday, 13 June 2008

Real Talk from Kay Slay

Kay Slay responding to Jermaine Dupri's stupid 'djs are dead' comment. Whatever you think about Kay Slay, he's been part of the culture since its birth. The majority of what he says is absolutely right. Gets a bit crazy at the end though.

R. Kelly Acquitted on all Counts

Somewhere Michael Vick is mad right now.


They could find themselves with some unwanted traffic to their site if they carry on with this image, oh dear.

24 points ain't nothing with a 24 sec shot clock

The beauty of the NBA is that there's always an opportunity to make a come back. 24 points is a reach though. With another superb performance from Paul Pierce and big time contributions from the boys E House and Posey the Celts are now 1 game away from the trophy. I was leaning towards the Lakers before this started but have been totally impressed by the resolve of the Celts. Jesus Shuttlesworth also reminded everyone he's still smooth on the court when he needs to be. Check out the super slo-mo, seems to be forever falling but never hits the ground. 

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Throwback Thursday

Just for the hell of it, why not. 

Krs-One - A Friend

Feds taking pictures

This video is all over the internet by now. All I can think is if they are willing to pull a stunt like this with that many cameras around. Imagine what kind of bullshit they get up to when the video cameras aren't running. 

Got Mine

downloaded, loved and now officially paid for and in my Itunes:

Get down to your local store / itunes and cop a copy peeps:

Got mine, you got yours?

Support good music. Buy Tha Carter III

I naively hope this purchase will send a message to General Electric (Universal, Interscope and 90% of all entertainment)that hip-hop will sell, providing they give great artists a chance to make great music. We'll see. But the boy deserves credit, I'm more than happy to give a millionaire another few dollars of mine after he came through and surpassed all expectations. 

Don't just take my word for it, heres Rosenberg below, a man who gets free records all day.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Coming to UK screens from June 20th

The theme song Kidulthood to Adulthood is here:
Adulthood all stars tune is here:
Sway single 'F UR X' off soundtrack is here:


Tales from Tha Carter III

Over at they have interviews with all producers involved on the project. Some interesting stories here, La La originally made for the Shrek 3 soundtrack, Lollipop made for Danity Kane! Most significantly it highlights the caution taken with all tracks on the album, which explains why they were the only tracks from Weezy which haven't been leaked over the last 2/3 years. Keepers for Tha Carter III were held in a vault, not even the producers were allowed to sit in during the mixing/mastering process. 

Sidebar - according to Cipha Sounds Weezy does not speak to Universal Records at all. Using Cash Money Records as a wall between him and the interfering tendencies of the majors. Which may also explain why it's such a great album. 

Read full article (here)

Who the F is Charles Hamilton?

A 20 year old kid from Harlem via Cleveland signed by Pharrell to Star Trak. Recently gained notoriety through this freestyle cipher with Kanye and The Game. The kid is definitely coming through with his own style, finding a way to create entertaining rhymes without referencing guns in every other line. Which is nice. 

Green Lantern presents ... Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking In. Download new mixtape (here)

Charles Hamilton - Just a musician (yes another rap over A Millie). Download (here)

First ever performance on the radio below, appears to be having fun. Is that allowed?
A freestyle which is actually just that, for once. Rather than a pre-written over someone else's beat. 

Monday, 9 June 2008


I for one can't wait to see this video, I think getting chased by a fireball whilst rapping your verse is a new event in video history. Whatever you think about Dj Khaled it goes to show that unity breeds success. Think about how many people are down with 'we the best', besides the Miami contingent you got people like Jeezy, Maino, Gym Class Heroes, Kardinal Official, Cipha Sounds, Nore ... the list goes on. A pretty varied collection of cats. As Westwood once said 'beef just gets in the way of making paper'. And Khaled is all about that paper!

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year Peter Rosenberg had just joined Hot97 and went straight to SummerJam to get played out by everyone. A year later and things have changed. The biggest superstars in the game actually know who he is and strangely seem to enjoy his insults and awkward interview style. The dynamic of a conversation between a suburban nerdy white guy who has an underground hip-hop show and the biggest names in rap make for pretty entertaining viewing. 

2007 (son'd)
2008 (things going much better)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Memo to the Unit

It's difficult to look 'gangster' when your dressed like a male stripper (pause).


Heres the Mr. Carter verse in full, some questionable lines here. Firstly "with my crown"?, if anyone saw the footage from SummerJam I think its safe to say whos wearing the crown right now, and his names Wayne not Shawn. It could be argued his name is mentioned with the Biggie's and the Pac's but the Garvey's and Marley's, doubtful. Also a couple of patronizing shots taken at Weezy. See what you think:

I'm right, chyeah 
In my chair 
With my crown, with my dear 
Queen Bee, as I share 
Mic time, with my air 
Young Carter 
Go farther 
Go further 
Go harder 
Is that not 
Why we came? and if not, 
Then why bother? 
Show no mercy in Murcielago's 
I'm far from be-ing the bas-tard that Marcy had fathered 
Now my name's being mentioned with the martyrs 
The Biggie's and the Pac's and the Marley's and the Marcuses 
Got me 
A Molotov Cocktail 
Flow even if you box well 
Can't stop the blows *Kaboom* 
The Roc Boy in the room 
The dope, boy just came off the spoon 
I'm so 
Fly I'm on auto- 
While guys just 
Stare at my wardrobe 
I see Euro's 
That's right, plural 
I took so much change 
From this rap game 
It's your go! 
(Hey Mr. Carter) 

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


I was over on the UniverSOUL Blogg and this is the Omet Saar produced album of classic Al green instrumentals laced with some classic hip-hop acapellas.

They are so nice over at there tha they have it for free download already so i don't even have to feel guilty for putting the link on here. Click HERE to Download.


20hw6o.jpg uni080528_grnalbm_back.jpg

Hip Hop Violinist - the younger and better version

Found this on the net of two kids going sick. One on the turntables doing the cuts and more impressively one serious youth going crazy on the violin.

He covers in this order- A Tribe Called Quest,  Check the Rhyme then Jurassic 5 Canta de Ossanha then Ghostface Killah Chercez la Ghost then The Roots The Next Movement then Gnarls Barkley Crazy, i don know what the last tune is.

Monday, 2 June 2008


The latest update on the pied peado is this. Kell's is well and truly fucked! I bet you now is the time that he really wishes he could fly. I can only wonder what other skeletons this sicko has trapped in the closet? It would appear that as the prosecution star witness took the stand R.kelly began to prepare himself for some prison Bump and Grind as he looked seriously worried in the courtroom. The star witness, a Van Allen has not only identified both Kell's and the victim in the case on the video tape but also the wooden room which she claims was in Kell's former home. She went on to say that while she had a relationship with Kell's with everything paid for by him she had had a threesome with Kell's and the victim on more than one occasion. Once in that wooden room and once in R. Kelly's basketball court with all the freaky shit being filmed by him. Further to that she claimed Kell's always carried a certain duffel bag full of his home made porn everywhere he went. She also Claims she had been given money by Kells people to keep it on the proverbial DL.

All this summarizing of law and court issues is doing my head in you can read the whole story here.

Looks like Kelly is a bit of a duffel bag boy, but he better pick today to start running!

Ya dig?

Sunday, 1 June 2008

J-A-D-A Press re-play

Jadakiss again masters the art of saying the most with the fewest words. His style of short, broken sentences and short words has been the formula taken by most mc's since his arrival, which for the most part goes unnoticed. 

New Jadakiss - From Now Till Then (Prod. by Alchemist, cuts by Primo). Download (here)

Bonus - One of Jada's finest moments 'Still Feel Me'

STEVE-O The Rap Album! "The dumbest asshole in hip-hop"

Usually i don't post stuff about waste music such as UK Mc No Bizzy unless of course shit is so dumb that it merits some exposure even if only for laughing purposes.

Now then, this is surely potentially as amusing as such other hip comedy classics like the R Kelly beef tune (where he calls out for Ne-Yo) or maybe even as amusing as Jim Jones' adlibs, " Vroom Vroom".
This, and i havent heard it yet, can only be an album full of bad rhyming, shit flows and Play school beats as The Jackass lays out his style in this his debut album. Steve-O did recently try to top himself or maybe he was sectioned. i'm not sure, as i don't watch the Hollyweird circuit to closely, it was one of the two anyway and I hope it wasn't a result of his lack of good reviews for his debut album or some rap beef. Finally the question that remains in my head is, how in the fuck did he get a feature from Kool G Rap on this and could it be any good? I saw the tracklist and he's there. True Stories!

Now the link i had for the download ain't working so as soon as i have a working one i will post it.
I myself am curious as hell to hear this particular white boy lay down some bars. Whats next for the Jackass boys??? Maybe Johnny Knoxvile is about to release a RnB love jams album called "know my gooch" (no homo).
Stay tuned for that one.

The Carter 3 - Special Edition

Last week we posted the advance up, now we bring you the Carter 3 special edition, there are a couple of extra tracks on there - 18 in total - click the image to download.

If your feelin' it, then support the cause n cop an official copy on its release June 10 .


Track List:

1. 3 Peat (Produced By Cool & Dre) 3:19
2. Mr. Carter (Featuring Jay-Z) (Produced By Just Blaze) 5:16
3. A Milli (Produced By Bangladesh) 3:41
4. Got Money (Featuring T-Pain) (Produced By Play-n-skillz) 4:04
5. Comfortable (Featuring Babyface) (Produced By Kanye West) 4:25
6. Phone Home (Produced By David Banner) 3:11
7. Dr. Carter (Produced By Swizz Beatz) 4:24
8. Tie My Hands (Featuring Robin Thicke) (Produced By Kanye West) 5:19
9. Shoot Me Down (Produced By Kanye West) 4:29
10. PlayinÆ With Fire (Produced By Streetrunner) 4:21
11. Lollipop (Featuring Static Major) (Produced By Jim Jonsin & 4:59
12. La La (Featuring Brisco & Busta Rhymes) (Produced By David 4:21
13. NothinÆ On Me (Featuring Juelz Santana & Fabolous) (Produced 5:27
By Alchemist)
14. Let The Beat Build (Produced By Kanye West & Deezle) 5:09
15. Mrs. Officer (Featuring Bobby Valentino) (Produced By Wyclef 4:47
16. Misunderstood 9:52
17. Lollipop (Remix) (Produced By Chops) 4:50
18. got Money Feat. T-Pain & Pitbull (Remix) (Produced By Play-n- 5:02