Friday, 29 February 2008

Ghetto - Freedom of Speech Mixtape - March 10

Love him or hate him Ghetto's mixtape 'Freedom of Speech' has been confirmed for a digital release at major online stores on the 10th March. You can preorder the CD from any of the record stores in our (EU) links section.

Click the pic to cop a copy of preview track 'The Mountain'

Track is hype - ripped nicely of Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show

New Papoose mixtape

Back from dealing with those Jive turkeys. Heres Pap's first offering for 2008. Can he re-create his buzz of '05-'06 or has the major label fallout killed whatever momentum he had left? Decide for yourself.

FRIDAY FREENESS- Mp3 Links for new tunes this week

A mix of tunes is gonna be here every friday with download links for all you hip hop lovers, old and new from yours truly, cos although i'm a hater, i still got love to give. Happy weekend.

In no particular order.

Method Man and Redman- Broken language 2008 mp3- click HERE

Jay Z ft Mary J Blige - You're Welcome mp3 - click HERE

Uncle Murda- I ain't dead (Papoose diss) mp3 - click HERE

Fabolous ft Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - You ain't got Nothing on me mp3 - click HERE

Thursday, 28 February 2008



The Archive- Live, lost and found
Old tunes and a mix of classics spanning his entire career Performed live by the Prince of hip-hop. Download the live album of hits here.
Also a new album is due out very soon, so keep your ears to the ground.

Track list below

01. Hip Hop (Unreleased)
02. Love 4 Sale (Unreleased)
03. Word On The Street (Unreleased)
04. It's Nothing (Unreleased)
05. It's Been A Long TIme
06. My Melody
07. Don't Sweat The Technique
08. Follow The Leader
09. Ghetto
10. Guess Who's Back?
11. What's On Your Mind?
12. Remember That
13. It's Nothing
14. Saga Begins
15. Move The Crowd
16. Paid In Full
17. I Know You Got Soul
18. I Ain't No Joke
19. Juice (Know The Ledge)
20. Mahogany
21. Eric B. Is President
22. Microphone Fiend

Also new Rick Ross song "Luxury Tax" Ft Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Trick Daddy download mp3 here

Welcome to tha D.

J DillaBLACK MILKGuilty SimpsonRoyce Da 5'9Phat Kat

If you don't find supermannin' a hoe to be your style or are looking to hear some hardcore ish without the rapper signing on the chorus you could do a lot worse than check out the scene in Detroit. The genius of J Dilla is now well documented and with mainstays Royce Da 5'9" and Slum Village the Detroit scene has always had a noticable presence. Well, the spirit of J Dilla lives on and with the emergence of artists such as Guilty Simpson, Black Milk, Dwele and Phat Kat things are looking good. So if you only associate Detroit with Mr. Mathers, check some of these artists out and leave the souljah boy to those under 13's.

Black Milk 'Sound the alarm'. Taken from critically acclaimed album Popular Demand. New album with Fat Ray 'The Set Up' out March 4th 2008.

Phat Kat 'Cold Steel' produced by Dilla.

Guilty Simpson - Ode to the Ghetto released 25th March 2008. Click here for link to download 'Mans World' produced by Dilla plus a bunch of other shit for free via itunes through Stones Throw website.

Dwele - grammy nominated soul singer, touring europe in March.

Slum Village

Royce Da 5'9"



Joell Ortiz + 90's beats = fire!

Joell Ortiz

New freestyle via
Check it out here.

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Wiley joins Asylum/Atlantic - CONFIRMED


It has been confirmed that Wiley has signed as the first artist on the relaunched Atlantic subsidiary Asylum. His first release Wearin' My Rolex will be commercially released on Levels/Asylum this summer.

Asylum was reinstated by Atlantic UK last year and is headed up by former Ministry of Sound executive Ben Cook, so expect a multitude of cheesy house tracks fo' sho.

Good look for Wiley tho.

Dr Doolittle


Kaya 'Queen of clubs' Bouquet, model, actress and presenter passed away this morning as a result of serious injuries she received in a car crash on the M1 last Thursday.

Kaya, Danielle Campbell, and Iyoni Ellington, all 23 and Patience Jackson, 22 were in the car at the time, Lyoni Ellington is the sole survivor.

It is believed that the group had pulled on to the Hard shoulder when they ran out of Petrol en route to a Mario/Joe concert. An unnamed 50 year old Lorry driver ran into the back of the vehicle, the driver was arrested but later released on bail.

This is a tragic loss and our hearts and sympathy go out to their family and friends.


The Team

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Joe Budden latest

Official Mood Muzik 3 album is stores now, go cop here because it's the sh*t.

Mood Muzik 3: The Album

Check to hear the very latest on his label situation and future plans.

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No I.D. in conversation

You may not be aware of this man but he has been behind beats for artists ranging from Common, to Beanie Sigel to Jay-Z and many more. He also taught a pre-College Dropout Kanye a thing or 2. Check out the interview with the man himself courtesy of Check it out right here

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Died couple days ago from a brain aneurysm.

For those who don't know Static produced a heap of classic tunes and was bought into the game by Devante swing in the 90s Heres a small list of some of those tracks.

His Myspace is here

His latest tune with lil wayne called "i got me" mp3 is here

Flo Rida ft Lil Wayne - Gangsta mp3 click here
Common- The light 2008 (prod by Just Blaze) mp3 here


Jamie Foxx is gonna be playing "mad"Mike Tyson in a forthcoming biopic film about the boxer.

AZ has come out of retirement (or at least the hole hes been in for the last decade) and has a new album droppin in April called "Undeniable" who gives a fuck doe?????

The freak (supposed pedophile) and king of pop(?) Michael Jackson is $24 million in debt! looks like he gonna be loosing neverland after all.

Rhianna and Chris Brown seen snoggin and getting steamy in some pool somewhere, and no one cares!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Flirta D - Making moves

No Comment!


Community Care: NBA vs The Premier League

NBA hammers The Premier League

The All-Star game came and went. Just as impressive as the weekends entertainment was the work the NBA put in away from the court through NBA Cares. The benefits of which, will last well beyond the weekends memories. Spearheaded by league commissioner David Stern , 2500 people (including many current and ex-players) assembled to help build and rebuild playgrounds, schools and homes in New Orleans. This is just part of the leagues commitment to donating $100 million to charity, providing a million hours of hands on service to the community and creating 250 places where kids and families can live, learn or play. The Premier League on the other hand has their "Creating Chances" initiative where by each club will send out a player to spend a maximum of 4 hours with the winning community program or charity that wanted a "chance" delivered by The Premier League. Football clubs are responsible for their own charity work and although The Premier League does have other projects, these are tied in with other organisations and the government. Maybe they are doing their bit, I certainly didn't find any evidence of it. I feel a league that is looking at a turnover of £1.7 billion this year certainly could be doing a lot more.

(picture above features left to right, All-Star Dwight Howard, NBA commissioner David Stern and All-Star Tim Duncan. Could you imagine Rooney, Ronaldo and Premier League chief exec Richard Scudamore getting stuck into some diy to help others, yeah, thats what I thought)



and if I'm not mistaken that's KID ROCK AT THE BACK

BIG Shout out to Illseed for this. Catch his rumours at and his blog is right here



Rick Ross' listening party for his next album "Trilla" was held last night at the Patchwerk studios in Atlanta by Def Jam. The party was a bit eventful with some of the industry execs getting man handled by the police at the party.
Check out the full story here at Sandra Rose's website.

The Diplomats. After much publicized debate of who owns the actual name for the dipset and the logo for the diplomats, the good people over at Corporate takeover, have done some good journalism and found from the U.S patent office that Cam is the boy who owns the name and logo for the Diplomats gang, however it also came to light that Jim Jones ain't balling for nothing as he also has the right to use the name but not the logo as of 2006. Read full story here.

Also on the subject of the diplomats, When asked recently about why he is not releasing music Juelz finally spoke out and said he and Cam had to speak and sort this out. Sounds like the "A" man aint happy. Check out miss Info's Blog for this one , it has a lil audio snippet. Looks like Juelz has had enough.

NAS has a new leaked tune apparently called 'Purple' check out the mp3 here
According to some rumours there is also a collabo album from Nas and Jay z on the way as soon as Jiga sorts out his label issues, cos he ain't got one just yet. Its all hush hush.

Kanye Waste has got a new mixtape out called "glow n the dark" together with the good humble people over at N.E.R.D. This just promises to be down to earth doesn't it ladies and gents ?!?!?!?!? I Fucking hate Kanye's personality and to be honest I used to luv his music but now when i hear his voice i just think of him throwing tantrums and having a head the size of Europe, so i say fuck this guy!! But his music is not
Download "Glow in the dark" here

Talib Kweli- New Freestyle mp3 here
Anthony Hamilton do you feel me remix feat ghostface killah.mp3 here


Monday, 25 February 2008

Rocafella survives through Lebron?

While still waiting for the Rockafella raffle to unflold news appears today to further increase speculation that Lebron James will be coming to what will be the newly establish Brooklyn Nets with the help of some persuasion from mentor Jay-Z. Plans are already in motion at Nets HQ as how best to accommodate their future star. See full story here



Out tomorrow(Feb 26th) support that shit!! Go out and buy it, don't download it, BUY IT!!!!!

Album sampler as well as full track list, click here ( thanks to )

Terribowl Live Coverage

This is the TerriBowl - Hood News style


Big Props to Miss Info for this




People love to idolize and masturbate over the glitz and glamour of the music and entertainment industry, we all love the airbrushed photos of Mariah Carey's breast cleavage or Bey's (SERIOUSLY IM A CHURCH BITCH, but I dress like a hoe) arse sticking right out on a press shoot. But we all forget about the real ugly motherfuckers, that really, are the ones making all the other people seem hot. (we all know Mariah is ugly right? it's not just me?) If it wasn't for these people who actually get into the limelight cos they have a talent unlike some of the people who make it onto the walls of teenagers for their looks. (THAT HOT BITCH OFF THE PUSSY CAT DOLLS)

So here is an ode to all those rappers and RnB crooners that would be getting no pussy if it weren't for their dollars and all those ugly bitches that, well just wouldn't be on the telly if they didn't have the talent, ya dig?

First I couldn't let Jay Camel get away with it.
I mean this guy is with possibly the hottest RnB chick in the game, but this photo if nothing more proves that BEAUTY is indeed in the eye of the beholder or the pocket of the beloved?? you can't tell me that if this guy was broke he would be moving the way he is, unless of course he's one charming motherfucker. Which he could be, but we talking charm out the arse (no homo).

This bitch was actually ok, (when i say that, i mean back in the get money video days I would probably have hit that) but now after lots of plastic surgery, the queen B is looking fucking ropey boy.
I would give this bitch no more than a 3 out of 10 and worst thing is she goes on like she's hot, cussing people like Remy Ma saying she looks like a man. I ain't saying Remy is hot but damn Kim, u one ugly
looking bitch these days!
I had to put this pic up if for nothing else just to catch some joke. Chicks and weird men alike are all going crazy bout Ne Yo right now, I'm not saying its just cos he's supposedly cute cos he can sing, but i had found it slightly unusual that he is is always wearing something on his head.
Now we have our answer as to why. Ne Yo needs to link up with Sir Elton John and swap hair transplant tips cos hes going thin on top like its no ones business. Isn't this guy like in his early 20's?????? With his hat off he looks like late 30s!

Oh yeah and this pic came about thanks to the fact Ne YO was out doing over 100 mph in his Range Rover this weekend. He got shift and this is the photo the police took. NICE!



Friday, 22 February 2008

50 Cent - HH Police

The Hip Hop Police are on some snide moves at moment, it seems Prodigy and Alchemist were fingered (no homo) by the boys in blue stateside, who then tried to get em to dish some dirt on 50.

V. deep - Read the whole article here






Atlantic repping UK Hip Hop??

Rumour has it that Wiley (single deal) And Dj Ironik have been signed to Atlantic.

A good thing for UK Grime / Hip Hop??

Who knows, If their (mis)treatment of Saigon to date is anything to go by then it's all likely to go pear shaped.

Rumour has it that 679 Recordings has closed with it's artists moving across to other Atlantic/Warner subsidiaries.

That is with the exception of Kano, several rumours flying about that he was a) dropped, b) held out for a direct deal with Atlantic/Warner n then didnt get one (more fool him) and c) Was offered a 360 deal which he turned down. Either way the last album was pants by his standards and so it's no surprise that he is now a free agent.

Anyway, here's here's the Wiley track that has allegedly been signed:



G Unit:
Mixtape out now, includes the diss track to fat Joe. Download it here

joins the ROC, puts out mixtape Al Qaeda Jada (the prequel) - Download it here

Nas-Nigger.jpg Album has been pushed back again until April, there is growing industry opposition to the album's title which may yet be changed, watch this space.

Read his 'official' explanation of the title here

KRS One:
is still trying to roll with the new school puts out Criminal minded 08

We think it's SHIT but make up ur own mind.

Fans riot at a shopping center show by Akon in denmark full article here

Scott Storch:
Gets fucked again and pays half million dollars out in legal battle. This motherfucker gonna have to start selling his sun glass collection soon cos he gonna be broke if he don't watch out.

Details here and here

images.jpg images-1.jpg
Has stated in an MTV interview that his next album is gonna drop in November and will be called "the believer" - let's hope he switches his flow and content on this one cos "Finding Forever" was just a shit version of "BE", which was good.

Maybe this guy should stick to acting, he could replace Nicholas Cage as the most wooden motherfucker on the silver screen.

Releasing a book of memoirs. this year apparently called "The Way I am".

Sure it will make great Roach material...... ZZzzzzzzzzzz

Where is Cam'ron?
Still no sign of the Harlem Diplomat, as Jim Jones and Juelz continue their rise in hip hop, the pink pimp still ain't made no real public appearances or given any news on the state of the Dipset since his mixtape dropped last year.

Lil wayne:
Rumour has it that lil weeeeezy is doing some ghost writing for the Detox album due out this year from Dr Dre.


The Game
Rumour also has it that the The Game's mum has been signed by C Murder for a possible book about raising the (BLOOD??) Game. “Life’s Not A Fair Game” is supposedly the name of the book. and there's a possible cd.

Shes a well respected OG in Compton apparently,

That's more than can be said for her son!

Lil Kim and Remy Ma:
Continue their beef into 2008 check out the ongoing disses / vids n rumours here

R. Kelly:
Continues to show how classy he is by first wooing the young stepdaughter of his publicist who he has known since she was 7. Then once his publicist quit over that, he dragged her name through the mud even thought a statement later released by his young conquest confirmed it was him who chased her and with "generosity, and charm" got her into bed.

Classy Kel's, real classy.

Full report here


Snoop Sold it?

It would appear that Snoop hasn't been writing his bars for years - what the FUCK!

It's another sad day in the hiphoposphere when one of our greatest, most iconic stars can't be fucked to write his own bars.

Check the full article on

Who needs writing when your rich, BITCH!