Friday, 30 January 2009


An amusing, totally inappropriate interviewer lays into a bunch of crazy US based Israel supporters - if he wasn't so blunt, sardonic and irony fuelled these people would be pretty shocking.

Instead it's hilarious and he pours lashings of scorn all over the pro Israel lobby.
Some choice excerpts:

Check the interviewers jokes comment @ 2:37, priceless!
Arguably the dumbest brunette in the history of the world argues Israel's point @ 04:10 - her bust is definitely greater than her IQ (and the cannons are not all that big!)
Speechless rabbi looking mofo @ 05:18

Friday freeness special!

This week we have a special installment of the Friday Freeness kicking off with a Styles p special best of mixtape exclusive  to mixed by yours truely. Then the usual wrap up of links from the best leaks around the web. Enjoy it

click image below to download the mixtape

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Joe Budden Discography


All 3 Mood Muzik's plus the one and only official album (worth it for 'Focus'). 

Now you can get most of this at Amalgam Digital

Or, you can try here, up to you. 

Young Jeezy/Jay-Z - My President

To be honest, not bothered about this record but Jeezy does take some shots at Bill O'Reilly, which gives me an excuse to post this classic material below. Sonned!

"i got some dirt on you doggy! u mad!!!

Where did the last 10 years go?

Nothing exciting about the visuals. This post is for everyone who can remember buying this copy of The Source and still has it stored away in the loft or somewhere. Sad but true! Seems like yesterday! 

Monday, 26 January 2009

Jim Jones - Jockin' Jim Jones (Tapemasters Inc)

New mixtape from Jimmy feat all your favourite cameos and adlibs from the capo!

SlaughterHouse Live @ S.O.B.'s

How many rappers could say they had the entire crowd rap along word for word for an hour straight. Outside of these 4, probably none. 
Live Videos by Ustream

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Mixtape from AINTHARDTOTELL: The Movements R Moving (1988-2008)


The Movements are Moving (1988-2008)

Mixed by cobBS1

 1.    Native Tongues

Jungle Brothers – Promo

2.    A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick it

3.    Black Sheep – Flavour of the Month

4.    De La Soul – Eye Know

5.    De La Soul – Potholes in my Lawn

6.    A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

7.    A Tribe Called Quest – Buggin Out

8.    Native Tongues – Scenario (remix)

9.    Death Row intro

10.         Dr. Dre – Nutin but a G thang

11.         Snoop Doggy Dogg – Intro

12.         Snoop Doggy Dogg – Aint no Fun

13.         Tha Dogg Pound – What would you do

14.         Dogg Pound Gangstaz – Who got some gangsta shit

15.         Lady of Rage – Afro Puffs

16.         Sam Sneed – U Better Recognise

17.         Wu-Tang intro

18.         Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo

19.         Raekwon – Incarcerated Scarfaces

20.         Method Man – Bring the Pain

21.         GZA – Shadowboxin’

22.         GZA – 4th Chamber

23.         Raekwon – Ice Cream

24.         Bad Boy intro

25.         112/Biggie – Only You

26.         Mase – 24 hours to Live

27.         Biggie – Hypnotize

28.         Puff Daddy – It’s all about the benjamins

29.         Biggie – Mo money Mo problems

30.         Ruff Ryders intro

31.         DMX – Get at me dog (original version)

32.         DMX – Stop being Greedy

33.         Ruff Ryders – Ryde or Die

34.         Eve – What ya want

35.         The LOX – Dope Money

36.         DMX – No Love 4 Me

37.         DMX – It’s all Good

38.         Roc-a-Fella intro

39.         Roc-a—Fella – For da Fam

40.         Memphis Bleek – My mind right (remix)

41.         Freeway/Beanie Sigel – Roc tha mic

42.         Jay-Z – Give it to me

43.         Freeway – What we do

44.         Roc-a-fella outro

45.         Diplomats intro

46.         Diplomats – Dipset Anthem

47.         Diplomats – I really mean it

48.         Cam’Ron – Oh boy

49.         Diplomats – Crunk Muzik

50.         G-Unit intro

51.         50 Cent – What up gangsta

52.         50 Cent – Many Men

53.         50 Cent – Hate it or Love it

54.         50 Cent – Outta Control

55.         Tony Yayo – So Seductive

56.         50 Cent – Hustlers Ambition

57.         Lil Wayne intro

58.         Lil Wayne – We takin’ over

59.         Lil Wayne – A Milli

Previous mixtapes available from 

50 Minutes of Fire pt. 1 download here

50 Minutes of Fire pt.2 download here

go here for more info on the above

Outkast - Players Ball

Original and absolute classic, hard to find remix. Thanks to Ciph, go here to download.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Jim Carrey joins the G-Unit

Or, washed up movie star joins washed up rap crew. Whichever

Movie Trailer: Jim Jones presents ...

Red Apples Falling (The Byrd Gang Movie)

Looks like Killa Season + State Property + Incarcerated Scarfaces all rolled into one. Brilliant!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Round 2: Joe Budden - Pain In His Life

haha, well played sir. 

Saigon, Ethered. 

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Saigon - Under Achiever

Possibly the worst attempt at a diss record I ever heard. Isn't having your only attempt at an album shelved despite the whole thing being prod. by Just Blaze under achieving? What a moron. 

Friday, 16 January 2009

Pilot with the skills to pay the bills

Saves 155 passengers as he nails an emergency landing in the river. 

Now that everyone on aboard is home safe and sound we can enjoy the comedy moment of it all. 

Firstly, listen in for the first few minutes as ciph describes the scene and one excitable character in particular. 

Then watch this, the main man appears 1:58 in. 

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Joe Budden - Letter to Saigon

Budden contradicts himself by re-starting beef with a record talking about Saigin contradicting himself. Still nice though. 

Dipset Update

Capo watch 

Jimmy's new r&b record complete with some customary adlibs for the ladies!

Jimmy Jones - Precious  

Lets waste some time watching the most stoned version of Jones' I ever did see.

Takes advantage of a Complex mag photo shoot, effectively getting them to pay for his video. Complete with infrequent rapping of the actual lyrics. 

New Juelz 

Juelz Santana - Lets Cruise 

Monday, 12 January 2009

Gervais at The Golden Globe Awards

Yet again, Gervais slags off the audience and industry. They love it, look at their faces. 

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dj Earworm - Mashup 2008

Just came across the 'United State of pop' mashup of the billboard top 25 for 2008 by Dj Earworm. A remarkable feat considering the amount of time it must have taken this guy to edit the tracks, acapellas and videos into one of the best mashups of its kind out there.

Seriously impressive, mp3 here: Earworms website where you can download all his mashups is here:

Saturday, 10 January 2009

50 Cent - Play this on the radio

"first they say that faggot hot, then they let that junkie shine"

How about some more negativity to follow the previous post. How else does a bored millionaire entertain himself. 50 goes hard (pause) on a quick verse. 

Police at it again: 48 Shots including 12 in the back

A working father, graduate from prestigious high school with no criminal record. Doesn't sound like a target for undercover narcotics police officers. Adolph Grimes III shot and killed by police walking to his car from his parents house. Police 'say' he shot first. This doesn't add up at all. 

Friday, 9 January 2009

friday freeness !!!!

shooting of unarmed black man in oakland sparks riots

Following the new year's eve fatal shooting of an unarmed black man near Oakland.
Read below for all details taken from

Protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed man by a Bay Area
Rapid Transit police officer turned violent Wednesday night with
windows broken, fires set and train stations closed.

A few hundred protesters took the streets of downtown Oakland to
condemn the shooting and call for criminal charges against 27-year-old
officer Johannes Mehserle.

Mehserle resigned from the transit agency shortly before he was
supposed to be interviewed by investigators Wednesday. Mehserle is
accused of shooting 22-year-old Oscar Grant of Hayward, who was lying
face-down on the station platform when he was shot and killed early New
Year's Day. Mehserle was one of several officers responding to reports
about groups of men fighting on a train, reports The Associated Press.

Protesters gathered in the afternoon at the Fruitvale BART station
where the shooting occurred. It was peaceful at first but began to turn
nasty after a splinter group left that site and marched downtown.
Protesters set fire to a trash container and tried to overturn a police
car, smashing the front window. Police attempted to disperse the crowd
and smaller groups of protesters marched to different areas. Some
protesters threw bottles, a window of a fast-food restaurant and other
downtown stores were smashed and a car was set on fire during the

Police in riot gear threw tear gas to try to break up the demonstration. Oakland police reported at least 15 arrests.

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums went to the protest scene Wednesday night
to urge for calm. He and several council members then led a group
toward City Hall and further addressed them, according to the AP.

"Even with our anger and our pain, let's still address each other
with a degree of civility and calmness and not make this tragedy an
excuse to engage in violence," Dellums said. "I don't want anybody
hurt, I don't want anybody killed."

Grant's family has filed a $25 million wrongful death claim against BART and want prosecutors to file criminal charges against Mehserle.

Watch video of the BART shooting and the Protesters riot.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

911 is a joke!!!! African American Man lying on the floor shot dead in public by police at point blanc range.

First, I would like to send out my deepest condolences to the family of the Oscar Grant as this kind of thing should not be news and we shouldn't be watching this, however, the world needs to see what kinda of fucked up shit still goes on in the united states ..... This shit happens more regular than people actually believe it does but this time we got it on video. So it cannot be denied.

Check the full report below and video.

BART SHOOTING: Transit Police Ask For Patience

Monday, January 5, 2009 – updated: 6:58 pm PST January 5, 2009

Law enforcement officials urged patience while they investigated details surrounding the fatal New Year's Day shooting of a 22-year-old man by a transit agency police officer. Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Chief Gary Gee said on Sunday that the agency is "committed to completing an unbiased, thorough and detailed investigation" of the shooting death of Oscar Grant. "This case is not even four days cold. We're in the early stages of the investigation and we will do a very thorough job," he said. Several unanswered questions remained after BART officers went to Oakland's Fruitvale station to investigate reports of a supposed brawl on a train on which Grant was riding around 2 a.m. Thursday. A friend of Grant's who was with him on the crowded Oakland train station platform at the time of the shooting said Grant pleaded with officers not to harm him. "Oscar yelled, 'You shot me! I got a four-year-old daughter,"' said Fernando Anicete. "Oscar was telling us to calm down and we did. We weren't looking for any trouble." Anicete was among more than 50 people attending a tearful news conference in Oakland on Sunday where Grant's family announced they planned to file a $25 million claim against the Bay Area Rapid Transit agency this week. A claim is the first step in the process of suing the agency. The family's attorney John Burris said the shooting was intentional, and that he planned to ask Alameda County prosecutors to seek criminal charges against the officer. Burris said Grant, of Hayward, Calif., posed no threat to officers when a bullet entered his back and ricocheted to his lung area, killing him almost instantly. "The officer leaned (in), was straddling over him and pointed his gun directly into the backside and shot (Grant)," said Burris, adding that Grant was handcuffed -- after he was shot. "This was not a deadly force situation." Gee said BART police are fully cooperating with the district attorney's investigation. Grant's mother, Wanda Johnson, and Sophina Mesa, his daughter's mother, wept uncontrollably as Burris spoke about Grant. They did not speak, but several said Grant, a butcher at a supermarket near the train station where he was killed, was a loving father showing signs of maturation. Cephus "Bobby" Johnson, Grant's uncle, said he text messaged his nephew just after midnight Thursday saying, "Happy New Year ... I love you." Johnson never got a reply. "I wondered why he didn't text me back," a teary-eyed Johnson said. "And then I found out why." BART spokesman Jim Allison has said the officer's gun went off while police were trying to restrain Grant and that Grant was not cuffed. The unidentified officer is on paid leave as BART investigates the shooting. Mario Pangelina, Mesa's brother who was riding on the same train, two cars behind Grant on Thursday morning, said Sunday he saw Grant beg police not to Taser him because of his child. "He kept saying, 'Please, please don't Tase me,"' Pangelina said. "He was not acting hostile." Other witnesses said Grant was lying on his stomach on the station's platform when he was shot. Recordings of the shooting by witnesses have surfaced and Burris said BART had confiscated numerous cell phone images from others he believes contain additional footage. Services for Grant will be held Wednesday.

C-N-N feat. Ron Browz and Busta - Rotate

First banger of '09. Was The War Report really 12 years ago, jesus. 

bonus: Nore - Bloody Money pt.3
'for my analog thugs and my digital thugs'

Skillz - The Wire Season 1-5 Wrap Up

If you haven't watched all 5 seasons, first of all, whats the matter with you. Most obviously, don't watch this yet. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

WTF is wrong with this picture?

Rapper Lupe Fiasco arrives at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards  a

I do  always say that originality is very important . BUT like everything else when u take true statements too far u  tend to fuck it up and make a total prick out of yourself. ask LUPE

N.O.R.E VLOG " Hey yo B, you shooting yo'self n da foot!"

N.O.R.E speaks his mind on his first blog entry of the year.
He's back this year so look out for his new shit, sneak preview of his first tune at the end of the  video!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Jimmy Jones reminiscing about life as a goon

If you wanna survive as a rapper on the road you need a goon squad. From Pete Rock to Tribe to G-Unit they all got one.  

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Joe budden VS Ransom - The BEEF!

A lil summary of how and when the beef started

Joe Budden breaks it all down with a very inteligent response.

Friday, 2 January 2009

2009 friday

First and foremost i would like to wish everyone all the best in 2009!!!!

Secondly i would like to apologize for my two week hyatus from the friday freeness and what not! But those of you that know me know that i aint doing shit during xmas besides nothing.
so with all that in mind  heres the links for the best tunes of late 08 and the new shit for this year.

Click the pic for termanology's tribute to j dilla

Click the pic for A Star is Born

Click on the pic for all the verses of the month of madness from Freeway

Go Hard (rmx) - DJ Khaled feat Jay Z & Kanye West (Dirty)
Skillz-Rap Up 2008

Lloyd Banks-New Pussy
Mega Man Ft John Legend-So Easy
Money First Ft Uncle Murda-Rap Juggernauts

Let's Ride (rmx) - Josh Xantus feat Busta, Red Cafe & Jadakiss

right people that should easily keep you busy till next week!