Sunday, 8 June 2008


Heres the Mr. Carter verse in full, some questionable lines here. Firstly "with my crown"?, if anyone saw the footage from SummerJam I think its safe to say whos wearing the crown right now, and his names Wayne not Shawn. It could be argued his name is mentioned with the Biggie's and the Pac's but the Garvey's and Marley's, doubtful. Also a couple of patronizing shots taken at Weezy. See what you think:

I'm right, chyeah 
In my chair 
With my crown, with my dear 
Queen Bee, as I share 
Mic time, with my air 
Young Carter 
Go farther 
Go further 
Go harder 
Is that not 
Why we came? and if not, 
Then why bother? 
Show no mercy in Murcielago's 
I'm far from be-ing the bas-tard that Marcy had fathered 
Now my name's being mentioned with the martyrs 
The Biggie's and the Pac's and the Marley's and the Marcuses 
Got me 
A Molotov Cocktail 
Flow even if you box well 
Can't stop the blows *Kaboom* 
The Roc Boy in the room 
The dope, boy just came off the spoon 
I'm so 
Fly I'm on auto- 
While guys just 
Stare at my wardrobe 
I see Euro's 
That's right, plural 
I took so much change 
From this rap game 
It's your go! 
(Hey Mr. Carter) 

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