Friday, 27 June 2008

Jim Jones quest for a flip cam ...

A bit late on this but as it features our favourite hip-hop personality how could I let it go.

Gangsters eat sorbet! Who knew? Whilst enjoying this icey treat Jim spots something he likes, namely Pete's flip cam. Money is exchanged, promises are made. 

A few weeks later, still no camera for Jones. (Persevere, the always entertaining dips appear about 2 mins in)

A few weeks later still no flip cam for Jim Jones, Jim calls up Ciph at Shade 45 and enquires about this. Something along the lines of "Pete got my f*****g camera yet, he has, good coz I was about to beat the s**t out of him" He then goes onto advise he's giving him a pass as Pete is now officially Jimmy's white n***a. Thats a quote. You can catch the whole story plus Ciph's breakdown of what would happen on tour with Jim Jones by checking out their weekly podcast:
Download/Listen to Juan Epstein (Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg) - here

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