Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Playoffs (where stats dont mean shit happens)

His team is bad, but in a league based on indvidual performance there is no one player, double or triple team that can stop him. Providing at least one other player can get hot each game, they got this round at least. I expect Boston to prevail however, and take the Pistons, this year KG will not be denied, will overwhelming hunger for a title, again not figured in the stats. Beyond the Pistons consecutive conf. finals appearances is a team whos arrogance and previous success will be their downfall yet again. Boston look good for the finals, again various analysts will point to the bench and inexperience of Rondo. Well guess what, they performed all year and will continue to do so. Out in the west, the Lakers are looking good for the finals, Gasol is one of the best players in his position and will continue to be underestimated due to the fact of his nationality. Another point not picked up in the stat line. 

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Rasheed Wallace & Juan Epstein

No, not together. 

Rasheed Wallace is easily one of the best players in the NBA. Forget stats, to me they don't mean shit. Last years most valuable player went missing in the playoffs and his team got booted out in the first round. So where was his value there. You must admire a player like Wallace who, for all his talent doesn't jump at the chance to become a face for anyone else and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind whilst under the media scrutiny of pro sports. Refusing to deal with the bullshit and leaving that for the plethora of others who will happily fall in line and take any corporate cheque available. 
Heres an interesting article and interview with the man himself via ESPN (here)

Episode 14 of the Juan Epstein podcast is now available. If you've not heard it before, its Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg breaking down topics such as: fast food, larry david, bpms, porn, government conspiracy theories, bape and working for "the man" to name a few. Not a vintage ep this week, but you can always check the archives for your entertainment. 

Podcast (here)

Archives (here)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Jailhouse P

New blog is up from Prodigy. Check it in all its full caps glory (here)

I've just jacked this summary straight from Nahright.com because I couldn't of summed it up any better myself!

Reading a blog post from Prodigy is a mind bending experience. It’s like a 10 minute journey through a minefield of bad grammar, internet conspiracy theories, random thoughts and small glimmers of wisdom.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Convo with Curtis

Whatever you think about 50's records you have to agree his interviews are always entertaining. 50 called in to Miss Jones show recently and was in good form. listen (here), phonecall is about halfway through.

Back to The Surreal World

Strange article and even stranger interview with Snoop at The Guardian online. The journalist did make one interesting observation however: "The thing that makes hip-hop different from other genres is that is that credibility is often found in the level of your success, not the quality of your music" Correct!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sobering Reality

"We The Best!"

um, no your not.

When not watching the hilarious Rick Ross/Dj Khaled videos on youtube, sometimes I do like to deal with reality. Heres a couple of articles from the past week that I feel may be of interest to you all. 

Article on fatherhood from The Starting Five, one of the best sports sites on the net. (here)

Also in The Starting Five, a long discussion about the Lebron/Budchen vogue cover. (here)

New York Times article on the never ending 'war' on drugs. (here)

Tying in with the above topics nicely is this track: Kidz (NYC) from Mighty Joseph (here).
Which also provides a reminder to everyone to cop the album because its the best thing of '08 so far.

Friday, 4 April 2008

*Update from post below

Full version 

No "Big Mike" shout every 4 bars!


Looks about as likely to be released as "Helter Skelter", the Dr. Dre/Ice Cube joint album advertised in The Chronic and Doggystyle inlays.

Yes! New Juelz/Weezy!

No! (with dj tags unfortunately. big mike shut up!)

But still 

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Click below for new heat

Beanie Sigel

I always look fwd to a new Peedi Crakk verse, no matter how bad it is!

The boy still got them punchlines

Some more thoughtful/hood ish from Styles P

The Original Baller (woooo!)

Let me say that I'm not down with men in tights or baiting up racial stereotypes for entertainment, therefore I'm not really a fan of wrestling. However whilst on Pete Rosenberg's site I noticed Ric Flair had retired giving me an excuse to post this video below. Well before Rick Ross etc, Flair was doing it big. "My shoes cost more than your house!"

Joell Ortiz freestyle on MK show