Monday, 31 March 2008

Music to my Ears ... George Bush getting booed!

Bush greeted with what was overwhelming boos over the cheers, last night throwing the first pitch at Washington Nationals game. He got that over with quickly! Thats the last time he'll present himself in front of a crowd that wasn't hand picked!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Honorable Mentions

Following on from our recent round up of mp3 heat I thought I would shine the light on some other mcs making noise in the underground. So if you had been caught up in the G-Unit, Rick Ross, Flo rida side of things. Take some time to give these artists a listen. (Click on any of the images to hear the artists music)

Wale - Washington native, last release was a mixtape, collaborative effort with Mark Ronson. Has since gone on to record with Weezy and Bun B among others. Also featured on upcoming Roots album.

jay electronica

Jay Electronica - The bloggers champion. Signed to Erykah Badu's label, previously known for leaking tracks out onto obscure websites but soon to be coming out of hiding.

Blu amp Exile

Blu - Album with producer Exile considered to be one of the best of 2007. Just released a new effort with Ta'Raach called C.R.A.C. Knuckles. 

sick jacken

Sick Jacken - Member of Soul Assassins camp, last album produced entirely by Muggs. A few months old now but as latin hip-hop tends to get fronted on, alot. Though I would include him in the list. 


Slaine - Boston mc, part of La Coka Nostra collective with Ill Bill. Released several mixtapes over the past couple years. Also copped a part in 'Gone Baby Gone' written and directed by Ben Affleck, but don't let that put you off because its not bad at all. 

Bar Exam II Coming Soon


If you heard the first one, you know what to expect. Mainly Royce tearing down other peoples beats along with a few tracks. Heres a taster of whats to come, click on title below. 

Friday, 28 March 2008

For your entertainment

Not much poppin today in the world of hip-hop so I thought I would direct you to a couple of websites I discovered whilst spending too much time of the internet. Firstly we have, a site dedicated to all things 90's. Highlights include Buckshot performing at Jack the Rapper '94, a dodgy Alkaholiks Coast II Coast promo video, artciles from The Source pre Benzino and interview with The Alchemist pre Soul Assassins at his parents house in Beverly Hills.

Secondly check out, this site lets you create your own mixtape and email to your less enlightened friends and collegues who can listen to it online, up to 12 tracks at a time.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


First let me just tell you that Gangsta BITCH Remy Ma is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of assault. She got done for shooting her friend who she suspected of stealing, Claiming it was an accident. LOL.
We know bout friendly fire out in Iraq but this one is taking the biscuit. Anyway she faces up to 25 years in prison.

I do like this pic with the titie out. Classy. Nipple looking ok still as well.

Trina releases tune dissing Lil Wayne

Taking shots at the beast who she think she is? lol
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
she was one of the "hoes he uses and discards"!

What else?

Oh yeah TI is going to take the plea bargain for his gun charges and that means hes going away for 12 months and has to do 1500 hours of community service. Maybe while he serves his bird this motherfucker can push some iron and bulk up cos DAMN! he looks malnourished .

Theres also some accusations and rumours floating around about Bow Wow being gay.
Personally i don't give a fuck but if it turns out to be true it would be pretty funny. Bow Wow's camp and some friend of his have come out denying it, but again who cares??!?!?!

Lil Wayne Complete Discography (allegedly)

For all the Bit Torrent geeks out there here is a lil gem:


Click the image to download the torrent. This is NOT his entire Discography, there are a few cd's missing. At some point we'll release the geek long enough for him to repack the entire discography for y'all.

If you don't know what the fuck Bittorrent is go here:

Cd's in Pack:


Tha Block is Hot (1999)
Lights Out (2000)
500 Degreez (2002)
The Carter (2004)
The Carter II (2005) (+Bonus CD)
Like Father, Like Son (2006) (+Bonus CD)


Da Drought Volume 1
Da Drought Volume 2
Da Drought Volume 3
Squad Up (SQ1) Collector's Edition
Squad Up (SQ3) Collector's Edition
Squad Up (SQ4) Collector's Edition
Squad Up (SQ5) Collector's Edition
Squad Up (SQ6) Collector's Edition
Dedication (DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz)
Dedication 2 (DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz)
Young Money Dedication (2cd) (DJ Drama)
The Carter 3 Mixtape


Best Rapper Alive Part.3 (DJ Keyz)
In The Carter Chronicles
R & Weezy (DJ Big Mike)
The Fix
The Carter Files (DJ Raj Smoove)
The Drought Is Over Part 3 (DJ Big Mike)
The Drought Is Over Part 4 (DJ Big Mike)
The Leak
The Leak 2
The Mayor of the South
The Prefix
The Suffix
Worldwide Legacy Presents Please Say The Baby
Worldwide Legacy Presents Waynes World
Worldwide Legacy Presents Waynes World 4

1st quarter wrap up!

Coming to the end of the first quarter of '08, I thought we would share some of the best tunes of the year so far. Looks to be shaping up to be a pretty decent year with heat coming from a variety of different artists as you can see from the list below. Click on any track to download.

lo.jpg SHAWTY LO image by blackb_2008

Sheek Louch - Good Love

Shawty Lo - Dey Know (remix)

Pete Rock - Til I Retire

Kidz in the Hall - Drivin down the Block

AC - Rae told me

Prodigy - My World

Fat Joe - That White

Rich Boy, Nas, Lil Wayne & John Legend - Ghetto rich (remix)

Mary J Blige, Swizz Beats & Lil Wayne - Just Fine (remix)

Smiff n Wessun, Joell Ortiz - Stomp Thru

Red Cafe, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe - Paper Touching (remix)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


News for those 25 and over.

cuban linx

Remember the days of solid album releases, def jam with a respectable roster and westwood on at 12-3am playing decent records. Seems like a distant memory. Well the closest you can get to those days may just be a night like this:






VENUE ADDRESS: 1a Camden High Street NW1

VENUE TELEPHONE: 0870 432 5527

Lets hope they stick to the script, because as much as we love the Wu, no-one wants to pay to hear any Rae, post cuban linx album cuts.

In other news Redman & Method Man, also on tour together announced plans for 'How High 2' and a follow up to 'Blackout'.

Who the F is Mighty Joseph?

Mighty Joseph comprises of mc's Vast Aire from Harlem & Karnaige from Brooklyn. Their album 'Empire State' is out now featuring production from Madlib and J-Zone among others as well as appearances from Poison Pen and Murs. Let me say that after feeling slightly baffled and confused after just listening to the Rick Ross album I was extremely glad to stumble across something this good. If I was a lazy journalist I could label this as 'an underground gem with a street edge', (in fact it's so underground right now I cant even find a photo to post up) but as a mere blogger I'm just gonna say this shit is fire! 

Heres a couple of tracks to download so you get the idea:

Myspace page to preview rest of the album here

Next step, go here and cop it instead of buying "Trilla", you can thank me later. 


Gucci mane is a MUG

It's highly amusing when these so called G's and Playas get caught out being, well , how can i put it? Taken for mugs by a trick ass Hoe.
Now i know that hardly anyone gives a fuck about Gucci mane but its just funny how these people portray a persona then get caught put being a total waste.
Priceless !!

Poor JOE BUDDEN gets exposed for eating pussy being a pussy and so forth. if the allegations are true of course

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


LOL - Scott Storch is selling his Yacht on Ebay for less than $1 million after he paid clse to $20 million. Is this white boy broke or what????!?!?!?!?

After very STRONG rumours that Def Jam bought 100,000 copies of the American gangster Album to help Jay -Z get his little number 1 record, the internet is now full of further rumours about the current number 1 album in America Trila by Rick Ross. It is claimed that def jam have again given their artist a little 100,000 help. Maybe Fat Joe needs a def jam deal to help him out.

The CARTER 3 s coming out soon, so it is speculated and this time no leaks, apparently!
Also a new (official) mixtape is coming out first from the empire and will be the final installation of the popular series the drought is over called the drought is over 5 the grand closing. I will post this up as soon as its out there. but for now here is the first leaked tune from the mixtape called I download HERE

Timbaland caught out again

If your records get play on mtv and radio around the world, probably best to clear the samples to avoid embarrassment.

Heres some other Timbaland copyright infringement classics: 

Hottest month on record

A ton of records were released towards the tail end of March. Some of which were actually decent, heres a selection of some of the best.


Outkast ft. Raekwon - Royal Flush (skew it on the bbq pt. II, fire)

Skyzoo - Art of storytellin' pt. 5 (new rhymes over beat from DJ Drama album)

Cl Smooth & Skyzoo - Perfect timing

Ghostface - The Wallabee Champ (new mixtape, more unreleased gems from Ghost)

Dj Nice & Joe Budden - Lost Sessions mixtape

Ali Vegas - Leader of the new school (new mixtape from NY young veteran Ali Vegas hosted by Statik Selektah)

The Roots - Get Busy (new track from upcoming album ft. Peedi Crakk)

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar remix (ft. T.I. and Young Jeezy, yeeeeeeaaahhhhh)

Sheek, Jim Jones, Jadakiss, Hell Rell, Styles P - DBlock/Dipset (had to finish the list with some hood shit, because you love it)

Now, if only someone could release a decent retail album, but then again if no-ones gonna buy it, why bother?

Friday, 21 March 2008

The closest thing to the Detox album, out now

Focus Aftermath

Aftermath in house producer releases his first solo project, showcasing his production skills.
So whilst the 'Detox' album seems to be as likely to be released as those
'coming soon' albums printed in the Death Row cd inlays, check this out. Via digitalundaground you
can download it (here)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A Hot Mess

For a full breakdown of Sunday nights mess, otherwise known as the Lil Wayne London gig, check here full a detailed rundown of the disastrous events via moving the crowd (here)

Click (here) to listen to interview with Westwood from Saturday night, pre bottling incident.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Ok yesterday we posted some rumours and these were slightly wrong. This is why we call them rumours! Anyway we good people so we setting the records straight.

The Game has been released from prison after 8 days served, its official!!!!! After serving only 8 days of a 60 day sentence he was released by his correctional facility.

Also Papoose has squashed the rumour that he and Remy Ma are engaged. "we just friends"
he said.

Juelz Santana has been stopped by police and caught with some bullets and i think some drugs (weed)
I'm gonna keep you posted on this one.

More free vibes

Still looking for part 3 of the halftime show 10th anniversary that wasn't broadcast. Wanna hear Ill Bill, Masta Ace and Craig G rhyme over new beats from Marco Polo and Premier. Well, we got the link right (here).

Bashy - The Never Ending Story zzzzz

For anyone living in a hobbit hole for the past year - Bashy's track Black boys is starting to piss me off, I have had a dozen or so emails this week alone to my day job's inbox. To make matters worse peeps are not bcc'ing so every mug and his mother that was on the list (what does that make me?) has now added me to their wacemailout - USE THE FUCKING BCC U DICK HEADS!

Anyway, we liked the original, really liked it, repped it, pushed it and played it but then the Bashy squad got excited and it all got a bit annoying.. think mozzie's on holiday, a dose of syphilis or Jeremy Beadle (R.I.P) as your cell mate.

If it wasn't enough that for the past 6 months Bashy Brigade has bombarded us with 'Black Boy' video after 'Black Boy' video, an avalanche of shit version tracks, cynical guest appearances, propaganda, manufactured rumours and a mountain of other yawnworthy content. They have now decided that we be subjected to a DVD containing ... you guessed it: The same tracks, videos and outtakes that we have endured, day after day for so long.

They have even found the time to include interviews with every has-been rapper, Z list radio DJ, witless junior A&R and unknown 'Urban Celeb', the tea lady, dustman and local bus driver, no sorry that's Bashy, on the DVD.

Thanks Bash, no really, thanks, Can't wait 4 that.

Black Boys the DVD is out now, please go buy a million so he can move the fuck on..


A hip-hop nerds wet dream

Eminem and Premier together!

It's true!

I just got a call from Eminem," Primo 

If eminem wanted a primo track, he should of called the alchemist, you know being 2008 and all. Anyway

Check the story via hiphopdx (here)

More of 'The Wire'

Heres a very, very long Q&A with wire creator David Simon conducted by tv critic Alan Sepinwall. Some interesting stuff. The real life Omar jumped off a building 2 floors higher and Randy is Cheese' son. Whoa! Now I've spoiled some of the secrets, check out the article for the rest. (here)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Talib Kweli MIXTAPE

For all u Talib Fans, his new mixtape 'MCEO' featuring Mick boogie is out now.
You know how we love hitting you with the freeness so here it is, click either image to download:

mceoillroots.jpg mceoillroots2-1.jpg

N below is a snippet of KRS1 kissing Talib's ass:


GAME Is still in jail! Not out and about due to mental issues as it was rumoured. He is also rumoured to be in a lil financial trouble as his customized red Escalade has gone up for sale.

PAPOOSE and REMY MA are supposedly engaged to get married. (source)


There is a film in the pipe line due to start shooting soon depicting the life and death of the Notorious BIG.
Rapper Gravy has now been cast as the Brooklyn favourite and a couple other characters like Puffy (Diddy) and Biggs mum have also already been cast. For more info look it up.

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - Girls Around The World
Talib Kweli ft. Joell Ortiz & Blu - Hostile Gospel (Remix)
Lupe Fiasco ft. T.I. & Young Jeezy - Superstar (Official Remix)

And for those who like G G G G UNIT
G-Unit - I Fucked Your Girl
G-Unit - Aim
G-Unit ft. 40 Glocc - G-Unit Rider (Part 2)
G-Unit - Sunroof Open

Shout out to Broken Equipment on these two videos. They got some of the best hip-hop cartoons and jokes out there, check them out here.

Fucking funny video with some hip hop stars a la south park.
ya smell me?
This gets at everyone, but Kanye West gets reall had up on this.LOL

Killa Is Back with another smash vocal. LMAO
Wait for the verse its worth it

50 is a joker! Love him or hate him he is funny! (NO HOMO)
This is his latest viral for his own vitamin water. Joke

Monday, 10 March 2008

Summary of The Wire - NBA style

imgres.jpg imgres.jpg

If you like the NBA and The Wire, courtesy of Slam online, this article is just for you. If you don't. Then, well I guess you shit out!

article (here)

Prodigy got things on his mind


And he wants you to hear them. On his latest blog he gives some of his opinions about some of your favorite rappers. Do you agree, do you care?

T.I. got some shit up his sleeve but i really prefer
YOUNG JEEZY jeezy just got a more unique and futuristic flow to me ,,the ears need something new, not the same ol' shit...jeezy got that

SNOOP DOG forever wit his simple dont give a fuck gang bang flow..i love it. reminds me of old style new york rap

JADA KISS & STYLES P always loved how they do they shit,,could do with sheek tho, he one of the worst ever to me

JUELZ SANTANA got the best to offer out the whole dipset, his voice is not anoying like the rest. the rest you can tell just rap cause they man's rap. cam used to spit, now i dont know what happened. and he did too much sneaky back stab shit

people say "how you gonna like pac when he dissed you?" but i dont make my decisions off of what people say, i move on my own instincts. dont care if pac said shit bout my sickle cell, i still like 2pac regardless. so whoever disagrees, so what

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Snoop takes it back (Party Time!)

Way back! If you thought sensual seduction was a departure from the usual Snoop track, wait till you hear this one. He's come along way since Deep Cover.

Ayo Technology (the deleted version)

Maybe they could put this on the next mixtape, get some of that easy listening paper!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

This is how you warm up to bang in 50 points at the garden

Oh, and this would be how you end the first half of a game (below)

In memory of ...

Tomorrow, March 9th marks 11 years of Biggie's passing. Think how many rappers since then have tried to copy his format of making both r&b and hardcore tracks, gaining pop appeal but not losing credibility in this process. Well how ever many, they have never quite managed to do it like Big.

first solo single, pre Bad Boy. 'Party and Bullshit'

Total ft. Biggie 'Can't you see'

Junior M.A.F.I.A. 'Get Money'

Biggie and 2Pac together as friends in the early days.

All good things must come to an end

We're talking about The Wire. Calling it good doesn't quite do it justice. A statement like "the greatest tv show of all time" may seem grand but I'm willing to bet anyone who's watched all 5 seasons would tell you this. As much as I wanted to see the last episode I didn't want it to come round because now it's over. A perfect time to watch it all over again. For UK residents, season 3 is running on FX, mondays at 10pm. Season 4 is out on DVD on monday. Invest now, don't let a piece of genius like this pass you by.

Friday, 7 March 2008



Shaun Wright_phillips is a WACE MAN!
Rumour has it that last week while Alicia Keys was in London to do a gig and also promote the launch of BET in the UK. At the gig in cafe de Paris the lil Chelsea second string midget tried to whoo her with some crystal and a little note inviting her to go watch him at Chelsea, which he sent to her through a waitress at the club. The singer must have noticed he looks about 12 not too mention the fact he's fucking ugly and declined, so lil Shaun went home alone. Wace man!

Lil John wine line!

Lil John has launched his new wine line. WHAT??!?!?!?!? You might say. Is this for real? YAHHHHHHHHHHHH is the answer. the king of crunk has launched a Merlot, chardonnay and Cabernet from The Little Jonathan Winery. The Southern rapper/producer already surprised a few people by being an avid ice hockey fan as well as player and a good skier.

check out Lil John's wine site HERE

For those of you that can remember RnB sensation group Dru Hill and actually care (i dont) heres a lil video of their supposed reunion yesterday on live radio in the states. However one of them says hes gonna continue with his gospel career, then, thong thong thong thong thong sisqo starts getting aggy, fight breaks out reunion over. LOL


Janet Jackson in at number one in the USA also has this new remix out with Busta Rhymes called "feedback" download the mp3 HERE

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Halftime Show 10th Anniversary

The Halftime Show celebrated its 10th anniversary last night, in true underground style things started with a technical hitch making for a highly unprofessional start. Once things got going though it was all good. Heres a run down of those who were scheduled to appear, some didn't but most did including Agallah who came through and stole the show, resulting in a rare night for radio.

On beats…
Pete Rock
and special guests Da Beatminerz & Marco Polo

On mics…
A Butta
Big Noyd
Blahzay Blahzay
Boot Camp Clik
Chip Fu
Craig G
Cymarshall Law
8th W1
Emilio Rojas
Joell Ortiz
Jo Jo Pellegrino
The Juggaknots
Masta Ace
Mister Voodoo
Reef The Lost Cauze
Roc Marciano
Vinnie Paz

on tables…
DJ Revolution

Go to WNYU website here to download the show.

The Definition of LOL

Whatever you may feel about the Dipset, and whether you find grown men wearing scarfs on their head funny or not. You gotta laugh at the sight of Jim Jones in shock as he thought he was about to fall off the roof whilst filming his latest video (i ain't goin out like a sucka!). Thanks to the good people at Complex magazine, here it is for your hilarity.

Juelz breaks down the current dipset situation


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Fat Joe's response to papoose (yawn)

As quoted from The Wire "a lie is not a side of the story, it's just a lie"

Fat Joe's angle on things (here)
Apparently he didn't like Pap laughing at 50's jokes about him, so sensitive for a big guy!
Papooses version (here)

Somewhere out there the is truth but does anyone care, sadly I think they do.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Spot the Difference

Did Papoose hit Fat Joe? Was he set up by Cassidy? Exclusive behind the scenes footage but no actual video of the alleged punches. Did you see 50's expression before it went down, it was as if he knew what was about to unfold. Hip-Hop appears to be mirroring the traveling circus of the WWE with on camera arguments and back and forth verbal sparring. The only question is, is it real? Has 50 taken on the mantle of Vince Mcmahon or is hip-hop now just falling in line with the mainstream medias fascination of celebrity culture. Many websites and blogs these days seem to be more of a hip-hop version of E! news than anything else. Music is now a minor element compared to gossip and alleged 'beef".




Ol Dirty is high, i mean, you can barely get a sentence out of him and Meth, well he aint as high but damn these dudes are off their box and are funny as fuck.
part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


Papoose vs Fat joe

Apparently there was an altercation between Papoose and Fat Joe on Friday 29th feb in a hotel room in North Carolina.
Story has it that Pap went to see Cassidy in his hotel room then Fat joe stormed in, asked if had a problem he then punched him so on and so forth.
This story has not been clarified by any of the camps so we wait to see what happens and who clear the air on this.

If it came to a fist fight doe, Pap is not packing more than a light middleweight at the most. I mean this guy probably a super bantom weight and we know fat joe aint no lightweight. So if it was a one on one i would expect pap to get at least a lil bruising.

More to come on this story soon

R.Kelly is on beef (he's a beast) lol

Everyone knows R.Kelly has had some problems regarding his personal life, from lil girls, urinating on them and all kinds of other dirt, this guy is pure classy.
Last year there were some well documented problems with Kells' tour and it ended up with Ne-Yo leaving the tour amongst some other problems. Now the Pied Piper of RnB has put out a tune that can only really be described as a beef tune where he just goes fucking greazy, its hilarious i hope this brings about a case of RnB beef just for the joke of it. He goe of on Ne Yo. Damn

Check it out here

The Game turned himself in to serve his 60 days in jail for, wait for it. Pulling out a gun in a basketball game in a school and waiving it around like a "G". (dick head)
What a fucking mess, these people in the public eye need to realize they cant just do anything they like, cos there will be repercussions. Waving a fucking gun in the air at a LA school, and this was after he had already punched the guy up. What a retard!!!!!
Enjoy it, BLOOD.

Monday, 3 March 2008

The Come Up DVD 17 - Waynes World

The Come Up DVD volume 17 is out now. It's a monster 4 hours plus. Cover star is Lil Wayne.

Heres a clip, Weezy discusses his daily routine, working with Jay-Z and future plans.

TMTD and P

Just Blaze' blog The Megatron Don is back up and running.

New Prodigy video for 'the life'

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The regression of Shawn Carter

(Jigga back to the future?)

"are we hustling or are we grown up?" This is what Joe Budden asked. Well, Jay once said 30 is the new 20 (well, something like that), I guess he thinks he's 20 again based on these latest tracks. 40 this year, rapping about things you did 20 years ago in present tense is not progress.

Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z - Maybach music (here)

Jay-Z/Mary J Blige - You're welcome (clean-no tags) (here)

Mavado ft. Jay-Z - Never Stop Me (here)