Wednesday, 18 June 2008

131-92, Celtics are the Deserved Champions

(the big 3 have all waited 10+ years for this moment, they deserved it)

If there was a points system for hustle play, desire and hunger to win a title, the above scoreline would go someway the highlight the disparity among the two teams. Lakers got embarrassed last night as the Celtics continued to shut them down on the defensive end and dominated every statistical category imaginable.

Rebounds (Offensive-Total)2-2914-48
Fast Break Points216

Usually I wouldn't concentrate on stats but this goes someway to telling the tale of game 6 and the series in general. Looking at the key contributors Doc Rivers continued to trust Rondo who came up with 7 steals despite patchy shooting. Again the bench played a key role with Posey and House working hard and nailing big shots. Ray Allen rolled back the years, shooting like Jesus Shuttlesworth once again. Pierce has been the man all series, earning himself a mention among the very elite of the league. After a dodgy game 5, KG would not be denied this time and made sure his efforts would count towards a title after 10 years of obscurity in Minnesota. Good for him (thats not sarcasm by the way).

As for the Lakers, after coming into Finals many people favourites including mine, they actually turned out to be one of the worst finalists in recent memory. But hey, thanks for beating the Spurs in the process!

Honorable mentions also go to Doc Rivers, who outcoached the zen master every step of the way and also to the ESPN commentary team who definitely added to proceedings. Action Jackson's verbal checks to Van Gundy's calculated looniness made the Finals all the more entertaining, 'Can i get a amen?'

Thats it then! One of the best regular seasons in the last 10 years finishes with a Champion the league can be proud of and a man in Paul Pierce who has accelerated himself into the games elite and legendary status at the Celtics, doing what great players are supposed to do, coming up big when it counts. Okay Kobe. 

finals mvp>regular season mvp

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