Friday, 20 June 2008

Delusional Unit

The recent viral mess from Curtis and his friends has been nothing short of embarrassing. Lets have a look at some recent low lights. 

I guess money really doesn't buy happiness. The word pathetic springs to mind.

Question: If you're a weed carrier for a guy that doesn't smoke weed what do you actually do?
Answer: (blank)
Appreciate the luck of your association, if your the self proclaimed 'talk of new york' why not follow the new york code of mind your business. 

TONY YAYO: Joe to me is a fat piece of shit. To me - like niggas be talking about fighting and all this shit - he can’t beat 50. You run up on me and Banks the wrong way we’re gonna rub him the wrong way, you understand what I’m saying? So it is what it is, ain’t no little niggas shit over here. He be talking like niggas is little niggas and all this shit. Banks sold more records than you, I sold way more than you, we got more money than you and that’s where the jealousy comes from. You see him on the Soundscan and he did 5000 copies. And then he’s saying shit like “niggas runnin’ wit police”. NIGGA, I’m runnin FROM police, nigga!!! I’ve never seen 50 with a cop and he’s saying niggas runnin’ with police and niggas ain’t in the club. I was in the club looking for Joe this week, what’s up?!! 30 deep, what’s up?!! Where you at? Joe know what time it is nigga. He got his whole hood [against him]; he don’t even got control of his own hood, your own homies going against you ‘cause you can’t even put niggas on.

Finally heres a quote from Lloyd Banks, again I think I'll refer you to the title of this post. : Lyrically where were you on your 1st album and where are you now? Top 5, 3, best out? 

Lloyd Banks : I guess I would judge that on my time period. I haven't been in the game for long but ill say I'm the best under 30. 

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