Friday, 27 June 2008


We start off this week with a (lupe) Fiasco FRIDAY Courtesy of DJ Johnny Vega over at Digital Undaground


A-Trak ft. Lupe Fiasco - Me & My Sneakers

Lupe Fiasco - Mass Appeal (Freestyle)

Lupe Fiasco - U, Me, Him, Her

Lupe Fiasco - Where Do I Go

Lupe Fiasco - The Corner

Lupe Fiasco - Absolute Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco - D.I.D.D.Y.

Other Hot on Not Songs This Week

The Game ft. Keyshia Cole - Game's Pain

T.I. ft. R. Kelly - Life Of The Party

Alicia Keys ft. LL Cool J - Teenage Love Affair (Remix)

Joe Budden ft. Heartbreak- No More

T-Pain - Can’t Believe It f. Lil Wayne

Kanye West-Gotta Pose

For those with some good taste

Let's face it though, its not all about the new music, is it?
We have to celebrate the good shit. It was only, what? Ten or twelve years ago? When good urban music was so abundant you would actually struggle to fit all the good current albums into your schedule so you could listen to em all properly.
With this guy though it wasnt like that if you knew bout good music you knew bout D'Angelo. If you missed it, you were either slipping on the music or pure retarded and too busy listening to the Diddy album of the 90's, which was shit.
Anyway possibly one of the best RnB artists of the 90s download this right here if you dig it and if you don't know bout d'Angelo, then shit, you need a wake up call and a trip to your local music shop.

The Best So Far (CD+DVD)(click image to download)


Back to 1995 with the new york all stars on this one Doo Woop brings you this two part cd of classic freestyles and appearances from all the hot artists in New York at that time on this one of the best years for the hip hop game.

Shouts to JV at

Click image to donwload part 1

click image to download part 2

If you are a G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G UNIT FAN THEN U MIGHT WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS CAREFULLY THEN RETHINK YOUR MUSICAL TASTE. There again sometimes a bit of g-unit goes down well.(CLICK IMAGE)

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