Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Who the F is Mighty Joseph?

Mighty Joseph comprises of mc's Vast Aire from Harlem & Karnaige from Brooklyn. Their album 'Empire State' is out now featuring production from Madlib and J-Zone among others as well as appearances from Poison Pen and Murs. Let me say that after feeling slightly baffled and confused after just listening to the Rick Ross album I was extremely glad to stumble across something this good. If I was a lazy journalist I could label this as 'an underground gem with a street edge', (in fact it's so underground right now I cant even find a photo to post up) but as a mere blogger I'm just gonna say this shit is fire! 

Heres a couple of tracks to download so you get the idea:

Myspace page to preview rest of the album here

Next step, go here and cop it instead of buying "Trilla", you can thank me later. 

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