Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Best Verses of ... Cam'ron

Here it is, the new mixtape, tracking Cam from Children of The Corn to '357' to mixtape takeover to The cult classic 'Purple Haze' and finally his current re-emergence 10+ years since the beginning.

Intro - the beginnings of Killa Cam

The Corn

A Star is Born feat. Bloodshed (R.I.P.)

Biscuits and Bangers


Pull It


Banned From T.V.


Horse & Carriage

Who's Nice

Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 (part II)

Losin' Weight

Let Me Know

My Hood

Come Home With Me

I Just Wanna

Dead or Alive

Diplomats Mixtape 1 Intro

Takeover freestyle

Get Money

Hate Me Now (Nas diss)

Whats Really Good

I Really Mean it

The Bigger Picture

Diplomats Mixtape 5: Cam gives thanks

Long Time Coming

Dead Muthafuckas

Bout It, Bout it Part. 3

Wanted Dead or Alive

Die Tonight

Leave me Alone Part. 2

Harlem Streets

Killa Cam

Only you

Hey Lady

Get Em Girls

Wet Wipes

Suck it or Not
I used to get it in Ohio
I Hate My Job

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