Thursday, 4 September 2008

MADCON - Beggin - a bit of pop 4 ya

It's not everyday that the Ainthardtotell boys rave about Hip Pop but Madcon's Beggin is one of those Hip pop tunes that only come around every few years. It had us searching like madmen to identify this ill song that we had heard on a bog standard / mainstream / payola radio show.

Some info:

Madcon (short for Mad Conspiracy) are a Norwegian based Hip Hop crew namely Tshawe Baqwa (Kapricon) and Yosef Wolde-Mariam (Critical).

The track in question Beggin is a cover of a song originally performed in 1967 by The Four Seasons featuring lead vocals by Frankie Valli.

Their new album, entitled So Dark The Con Of Man, will be released in the UK this August.

Check the video on youtube and we recommend you cop a copy of the track at your nearest store or if you are really tight here is the freebie:

Oh and the video:

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