Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Crazy Talk New York

If you spent any time in NY you're likely to overhear someone talking crazy, particularly on the subway. Luckily some bright sparks have created a website to document this. 

heres a couple of samples:

Lost tourist on cell, blocking the crosswalk with her luggage: I'm standing on the corner of 42nd and 3rd.
Passing native: Yeah, and in everyone's mothafucking way.

Gangsta wannabe #1: Yo, man, I gotta get me a new Sidekick.
Gangsta wannabe #2: Yo, you mean buy one or rob one?
Gangsta wannabe #1: Yo, rob one, fool!
Gangsta wannabe #2: So rob one then!
Gangsta wannabe #1: I will soon!

Very nervous white guy in suit right in front of them quickly slips his Sidekick into his pocket.

--86th & 2nd

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