Thursday, 3 July 2008

Videos on my radar, plus some news that was a long time coming

Lets start with this kid Asher Roth, I wondered if the suburbs would ever get a look in. I Mean of the millions of kids not born in the hood who love hip-hop at least one of them must be able to rap right? At least this video and track are pretty amusing. You can go to his website to download the full DJ Drama mixtape 'The Greenhouse Effect'.

Asher Roth - The Roth Boys (Roc Boys Inst.)

Another kid featured before on this blog is Charles Hamilton. I like him for the fact that his freestyles are just that. Not pre written verses over someone elses beat which is what usually counts for a freestyle. Heres the latest offering from Green Lanterns show on Sirius, catch part 2 here. 

Charles Hamilton freestyle on Invasion radio (part 1)

Finally heres an interview with Maino discussing an 'interesting' incident that went down before hot97 summerjam. Maino is a guy who's music I been checking for a while, he comes across as someone who doesn't bullshit unnecessarily and has the true life experience of what he's rapping about. I won't offer his latest single because it may not be to your taste. Click here for a link to his latest mixtape 'The Last Real N***A Alive'. If all goes well his first album should be out on Atlantic shortly. 

Bonus: Maino advises Cipha Sounds how to survive in jail, some funny sh*t. Listen here

Finally, NAS ETHERS CURTIS. AT LAST. One verse but that will do, Nasir got better things to rap about than waste energy on Curtis. 

Ayo Queens get the money
nigga still screamin "Paper Chasin'"
niggas is still hatin
talkin that nas done fell off with rhyming
he'd rather floss with diamonds
they pray "please god let him spit that 'oozie in the army lining'
that 'shorty doo-wop rolling oowops in the park reclining' "
take twenty-seven mc's put em in a line and they out of alignment
my assignment said she said retirement hiding behind 8 Mile and The Chronic
get rich but dies rhyming
this is high science
now add 23 more from queens to b'more
i'm over they heads like a bulimic on a seesaw
now thats 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time

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